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leannemerkel.skincaretherapy.net.zipThese are my before and after pictures of giving myself only 4 treatments with my new Radiancy machine. This is three weeks after I started treatments. And I haven't even been religious about doing 2 a week! ( What's the matter with me? I should be, with these kind of results! )

The Radiancy machine is very high tech, and I don't see anyone in the Spokane area advertising it.  There is no down time, and you can go back to work after a 30 minute treatment.

The Radiancy machine actually BUILDS collagen! So this is firming and tightening of the skin that holds. You do a series of 8 treatments in 4 weeks. The faster you get the treatments, the quicker you'll see results. Your skin will continue to get better for 2 MONTHS after you do a series. Then it's just monthly treatments to hold it.

So you can get in, I'll be available early morning and late into the evening.  

You can't believe how excited I am that my wrinkles are shrinking! Let's see what it can do for you!

This is an hour service for the intro price of $70. The treatment includes a light Microdermabrasion, the Radiancy FSD, and my Bemer magnetic bed.

Add on doing your neck for an additional $20

If you buy the series of 8 for $400, they are only $50 a piece. That's a savings of $160!

Be sure to get in on this great deal today!

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